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From the courtroom to the airwaves, renowned employee rights attorney Carney Shegerian brings his legal prowess to TalkRadio 790 KABC-AM as radio host of UNEDITED WITH CARNEY SHEGERIAN™, airing every Saturday afternoon at 2 p.m. PST.

As one of California’s leading trial attorneys, Carney has been fighting passionately for the rights of employees, earning a reputation as The People’s Attorney.

Since founding Shegerian & Associates, an employee-rights law firm with offices throughout California, Carney has obtained record success, winning over 80 jury trials. Of those, 38 of which resolved in the 7-figures or more. Most recently, he’s secured three of the largest verdicts for wrongful termination in Los Angeles County.

Week to week, UNEDITED WITH CARNEY SHEGERIAN™ tackles relevant topics with a legal spin, and zero filter.

For more information about Carney’s firm, visit justfired.com or call (310) 860-0770.

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What It’s Really Like Serving As A Judge On Hit Show “HOT BENCH” – Judge Michael Corriero Dishes | 05.18.2019

Judge Michael Corriero spent 28 years on the bench in New York state. He appeared on Unedited with Carney Shegerian to discuss how his current role on the hit, syndicated show “HOT BENCH” differs from his previous role presiding over the criminal courts.

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